Wellgoods Grocery Stores

An intership with ‘Wellgoods’ grocery stores was a mixture of graphic design and marketing. My responsibilies included graphic design and the creation of marketing content, and then communicating with higher management and marketing liaisons of suppliers like ‘Beyond Meat’ for approval. Once approved, cooperation with other departments – such as the printing department – was also essential in bringing my designs to fruition.

I learned first-hand the importance of constant communication to successfully streamline a real-life, multi-disciplinary operation, by also being part of a strict timetable and rules. As a designer, it was interesting having to abandon my own personal styles, and follow company branding protocols. For instance, I was given the official logo, color libraries, specific fonts and sizes, and InDesign templates in order to maintain anonymity and the company’s identity.

Arifai Retail Company

In addition, I’ve also worked for ‘Alrifai,’ and was responsible for generating social media content, mainly instagram. I was provided with the captions or descriptions of the posts, and had weekly submissions. I additionally supported onsite marketing and sales events at festivals.

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